Breathtaking landscapes, challenging heights, vibrant scenery – the world’s best camping sites offer something to everyone. That said, there’s no better assortment of camping places than those wended through Europe, covering the world’s most beautiful sites, from the Swiss Alps to the Scandinavian fjords. While there are many places to go camping in Europe, the list we’ve compiled mentions only the most adventurous, beautiful, and iconic spots to set up your RV or tent on.

  1. Chateau de Monroeville – France

France’s west coast has some good old fashion camping fields, and this is one of them. There’s no space for caravans or RVs, so be prepared to set up a tent. But there’s a swimming pond and fire pits around the property. If you make your way to this camping site, do check out the Irish gypsy caravan The Roulette. It’s customized to make for space; it can sleep around four people with two single beds and one double bed. The cellar of the chateau is where you’ll find toilets and hot showers.


  1. Camping Ca’Savio – Italy

This is a big but laid-back family camping site with two large pools and access to a beautiful sandy beach with trained lifeguards. If you want more of the aquatic fun, there’s one of Italy’s biggest waterparks situated just 20 minutes away from the location. Nearby, there are opportunities to try surfing and windsurfing. Those who can drag themselves away from the water can take a day-trip to Venice. The camping site also offers something yummy for your tummy –a famous eatery that bakes pizzas in a brick oven.

  1. Camping Village Simuni, Pag, Croatia

This is the place to be if you want direct access to multiple beaches – there are six at this location. While there is no pool at this European camping site, campers won’t need access to one as there’s the clear Adriatic to go for snorkeling. There is also a wide range of boat excursions and water sports adventures that can be booked by arriving guests. The location has its own tennis courts, climbing wall, shop and restaurant, pizzeria, and more. So, do not forget to pack your top-quality climbing boots on the go.

  1. Camping Tonnara, Sardinia

Sant’Antioco Island is attached to Sardinia’s south-west coast with a causeway and is popular for blue waters and breathtaking beaches. Camping Tonnara is located over there; it’s a tiny, peaceful location that offers direct access to a bay. However, this isn’t the place to pick for families looking for children clubs or around the clock entertainment. It has fairly low-key facilities – tennis courts, a bar, supermarket and restaurant. The ice cream and coffee served by outdoor cafes are a must have.

  1. Lake Shkodra Resort – Albania

This is a family oriented camping ground for those who are traveling on a budget. Albania is untouched by most tourists, which means there is an opportunity to explore the gleaming natural beauty of the camping places in this country while avoiding the crowds. This campsite is present on the lake and features an on-site restaurant and bar. There’s also a private beach with umbrellas and sun beds available. Budget-friendly campers would love Lake Shkodra Resort.

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