How to be a Guest Author on yatripandit ?

It’s very easy to be a guest blogger on yatripandit.com

1. Write a fabulous travel story in word format and send it to us on info@yatripandit.com with relevant photos or you may also share a link to your already published blog-post.

2. Include a small description and a picture of your’s(author’s)

3. Your story will be featured in our guest post tab https://yatripandit.com/category/guest-posts/
(If we love it and with a little editing if need be)

4. If you aren’t very confident on how to write a travel story, we can help you with heads-up check this out https://yatripandit.com/yatripandits-guide-to-write-a-good-travelogue/

5. We will share the link to your published post with you and also with our fans and members.
Kudos you are famous now !!!

Looking forward to your story
Cheers !!