Guest Post || Unforgettable Moments_ a Traveler’s Diary of St. John Villa Experience by James Sullivan

It was time to pick a vacation destination for our family. This year we decided that we wanted to go somewhere warm. As much as we loved skiing, the thought of easing our cold feet out of ski boots and waiting for them to warm up lost its appeal.

After some looking, we settled on St. John. But where to stay? We ultimately decided to do a search for “St. John Villas” and found an almost bewildering list of places that we could rent. There were so many of them and they all had their own unique features and great views.

High or Low Season?

The first thing that we had to figure out was whether we were going to go during the high or low season. We live in New York, which gets cold at times, so we figured that we’d really appreciate the warm weather in February, which is when we went. It was worth the roughly $300 extra a night, in our opinion.

The Accommodations

This is where the villa that we chose really stood out. The name of it was Paraiso Azul and it was gorgeous. There were five bedrooms, which really pleased everyone, since it was us, our two teenage kids, and another family which had another teen. There were two rooms near the pool deck.

We were in love with the architecture, starting off with some really nice Moroccan iron gates. The rooms were spacious, the beds luxurious, and the kitchen was really nicely put together. Everything made us feel like we were in a home away from home – though at home we don’t have 24-hour service for things that we need.

Of course, there were modern amenities – like WiFi. Even on vacation, we love spending time on our electronics. There was something peaceful about resting on the reclining lounge chairs looking at our tablets and feeling the cool tropical breeze as we also had a view of the sea.  

The Experience

The people there were so friendly. They made every effort to make sure that we had a great time. Also, we loved being able to see breathtaking sunrises and sunsets from our villa — along with some really gorgeous nighttime skies, since we didn’t have any light pollution.

As far as the temperatures went, it felt like summer every day. We felt sad packing on the last night of our stay, knowing that we’d be going back to the cold days of New York, counting down the days until summer.

It really was a great time and we highly recommend a visit to St. John. 

Author Bio-

James Sullivan from St. John Ultimate Villas has been helping with travel tourism for the past 12 years. He now wants to share his knowledge and expertise with others.

Disclaimer: *Contents of this story is Authors personal views and presentation.

**Photos from the guest Author / Google

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Guest Post || What I learnt from my travels by Naina

27 years old, 15 countries, 8000+ miles, 11 times circled the globe, 700+ hours, 23 mountains hiked, 9 different time zones..and the list goes on!!

Jet lag — That’s the 2nd most common word in my life.

Over the years I have been traveling to different countries on business or tourist/pleasure while sometimes just to escape the reality and find my focus.

While some people think travel is to : pack all the essentials, just hop on the plane, put your phone in the airplane mode, take that cozy blanket, put on your favorite movie and enjoy glass of fine vintage Château Côte de Baleau Grand Cru.

For me, travel= magic. So quick summary of the things I learnt from my travels :

1.You meet interesting and unforgettable people :

Once I was flying from Munich to New York, and met a very interesting student. She was quite intrigued by the book (Murder on the Orient Express) I was reading. I asked her name and then she introduced herself. As we continued to talk for the next few hours, she told me about her life, how she left everyone to pursue her dreams and how she is working as a part time bartender to make sure she pays her bills and completes her education. While I could see some hesitation in her voice, I was also impressed by her determination to be better in the life.

Life is not “bed of roses”, but how many do you think are determined to make it better every day?

Just 2 months back, I was flying from Shanghai to New York ( business class) and met an investor, must be in her 50’s. While she was happily enjoying her wine, after 50 minutes into the flight, we started talking and that’s when she shared her “grand perspective” towards life and startups. While she had few hiccups as an investor previously and on the personal front due to her marriage yet she never bogged down. I shared few start up ideas, why I thought it can be next the “big thing” and to what level it can succeed or fail. She asked me to send her a business plan. Just few days back I sent her the plan with an empty feeling that she must have forgotten me. I have always been a person who cared about time and details, she replied to me after 3 days and I was completely amazed by her detailed feedback. I thanked her later!

2. You find your “why”

There was a point in my life when traveling wasn’t just a hobby but a therapy. I called it my “inflection” point and it helped me in finding my why. I found myself and it made all the difference in my life.

3. Started writing a book

I have always been an avid reader (completed reading my 457th book recently). Having met so many people in my life and been through so many experiences, I started writing a book ( which I’ll publish soon). Experiences ranged from going on date with an absolute stranger — discovering different “kind of personalities” — an emergency landing — hitchhiking in a new country at 3am — — hiking with different group of people — camping with strangers— drinking wine with guys I never met in my whole life — diving 10 m deep in the sea — — ending up getting hitched for fun in a chapel in the Vegas and many more…

4. You feel “unstoppable”

Someone said it right that if you are feeling over confident, hike a mountain because mountains have a way of dealing with overconfidence. Till now I have hiked 23 mountains and that created all the difference in my personality. One such place where I exhausted myself was “Pinnacles in Borneo”. Sharp blade like rocks ( pic below) tested everything I had in me. I cried with happiness when I completed the hike after 9 hours of climb and descend. It made me feel “unstoppable”.


5. Humbleness and Grateful

More than 8 billion people on this planet from different countries, religion and cultures. Different cuisines, celebrations and colors, I have experienced it all and I cant be more grateful. I became more open to people’s opinion, appreciate the fact that different people react to the same situation in a different way. In short I became more acceptable to the fact that I can be wrong in someone’s opinion and can be idolized in someone else’s mind. Having met so many people I learnt how to be grounded and be a better listener even when I’m talking. Everyone has a story, perception of reality, opinion, experiences and thoughts. There is no right or wrong opinion.

6. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things

Travel allows you to experience living in conditions that you never thought you could survive. But you will. Only when you step out of your comfort zone, then can you really push yourself to your limits and discover what you can achieve. Now whenever I feel I cannot do something, I replay those moments when a task/situation seemed utterly difficult and the way I accomplished it.

“Your strength lies in all those things you completed which once deemed impossible”

7. Finding the way on your own after getting lost.

Ever got lost? No phone, no maps, language barrier, no one to help? Take a deep breath and look around. What do you feel? I felt like wandering on my own.

There is nothing like being lost in Rome where every street corner has another spectacular sculpture; or being lost in Brussels where every neighborhood has a cluster of bistros or bakeries.

By the end of the day, I explored more than I planned. Some one said it right :

“Not All Who Wander Are Lost”

8. Knowledge and fearless mindset

I faced language barrier many times especially when I was in China and Korea. So I learnt Mandarin and Korean. Life is full of adversities and I’m not new to such situations. Bus broke down? Train delayed? Road block? Severe food poisoning? Lost your way? It’s okay, slow down and find an alternative way out.

Many times I asked myself “What’s the worst that could happen?” and that’show I developed a “fearless mindset”.

9. Living the moments

This one is my favourite. I was just out of my cocoon and in Singapore. Like any amateur traveler I was clicking the beauty Singapore has to offer. A European guy was watching me. He came to me and said something I’ll always remember. He said “ Sometimes we are so engrossed in capturing/clicking things that we forget to live the moments and beauty the place has to offer”. He was right! From that time on, I started living in the moments and in my perspective it’s beautiful!

Living in the moments

“An amateur traveller tries to capture everything amazing in his/her camera whereas a mature traveller live those amazing things and moments”

Oh did I forget to tell you about the spectacular vast and infinite “ Sky views”?

Pics I clicked)

View from Plane

Why I wrote this post? Some day I’ll be 80 years old and still be traveling. When I’ll look back, I will read this post again and say to myself “The journey is more beautiful than the destination” and I lived every moment of it.

**** This is my first post, apologies if you find any error/mistake. And, if you like it and want me to write more posts, please don’t forget to “like & comment” because your appreciation would motivate me***** 🙂

Keep traveling !!!

Love Naina 🙂


Disclaimer: *Contents of this story is Authors personal views and presentation.

**Photos from google

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Guest Post || 5 Offbeat Places To Visit Near Delhi By Yashita

The hustle and bustle of the everyday city life in Delhi wears us all down.  And the end of a long working week calls for a calm and blissful holiday. Doesn’t it? Escape from the boredom of your monotonous life, and let  The Happy Wanderer recommend  the trip you have been thinking about since so long!

We bring to you the most exotic off-beat locations near Delhi:

#1 Surajgarh Fort, Rajasthan

Property of the luxurious Kangra Group of Hotels, the Surajgarh fort lies approximately 190 kms from Delhi. The name of the palace literally means “The Castle of The Sun”. This 4 acre fortified palace gives its guests the experience of living like a Maharaja. It has fine and colourful architecture, a beautiful swimming pool and the essence of history. You can easily visit the locals there, explore the nearby forts and exotic locations on a camel back or just chill in the luxurious hotel.

Surajgarh fort

#2 Shoghi, Himachal Pradesh

Approximately 345kms from Delhi, and 15 kms from Shimla.

Located in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, Shoghi is an ideal destination for a family holiday. Sprinkled with numerous temples like the Taradevi Temple, unexplored countryside and stunning views of the breathtaking Himalayas, Shoghi is an excellent weekend getaway. Perfect for trekking and adventure walks through the jungles ,this place is far away from the hustle of Shimla.


#3 Dholpur, Rajasthan

Dholpur is a city in eastern most parts of the Rajasthan state of India. Only 260 kms away from Delhi, Dholpur has several tourist spots like the Van vihar Wild life sanctuary, ravines of Chambal, National Chambal wildlife Sanctuary, The Machkund temple etc. With a vibrant history and rich culture, this beautiful place takes you to a mesmerizing journey back in time.

#4 Chakrata , Uttrakhand

A secluded hillstation with a peaceful environment, Chakrata is a fascinating weekend destination in the Dehradun district of Uttrakhand, approximately 310 kms away from New Delhi. It is a picturesque place with splendid places like The tiger falls, , and is an ideal destination for nature lovers, bird watchers and adventure enthusiasts.


#5 Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Kasol is a small village in Himachal Pradesh, stretched along the Parvati River. With the view of snowy mountains this place is a famous travel place for explorers and travelers. This village also known as Mini Israel is situated approximately 520 kms from Delhi. You’ll find cuisines from all over the world here. Low on rates and high on value, this place is a must go for you all!


You can easily reach there either by your own car, or by taking a Volvo. The nearest airport is located in Bhunttar (Kullu) (but the flight rates might just create a hole in your pocket!)

Yatripandit’s addon- If you wish to camp – the hippie style please click Secret Camping Destination

And if “mainstream” is your style of travel, click on Raiding Mighty Himalayas

Got bored of mainstream so fast !! Read about this “offbeat” place called Lanjhini

About the author in her own words:

22549478_10157187173469852_4565936185188160482_nYashita Mahajan, 22 –

My love for exploring the world makes me write, click and follow my dreams. And this is the reason why I started my blog The Happy Wanderer.  I am currently pursuing my MBA from Hyderabad.  I believe that it’s the little things and experiences in life that keeps us going, so live each day, and keep the negativity away!   You can reach me on



Disclaimer:  *Contents in this story is Authors personal views and presentation.

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Guest Post || Top 5 Reasons to visit Canada for Your Winter Vacation by Savannah

In the winter, most people are looking to visit warmer destinations and escape the snow. These people are missing out on opportunities to make the most of the weather, and do the things they can only do one season of the year. Canada gets some really cold winters, and the locals have found a lot of ways to embrace and celebrate that weather. Instead of heading for an island, set out for a snowy adventure.


  1. The Carnival

If you’re traveling with your family, the Quebec Winter Carnival is a must-do. It runs in January and February, and it’s all about traditions. Toboggan races are a major draw, though most families come just to see the ice palace. The kids will have a ton of fun, but there’s also plenty of things for the adults to do. The festival’s signature cocktail, the Caribou, is a concoction of whiskey, red wine, and maple syrup. There’s never been a more Canadian drink.

  1. The Skiing Opportunities

Skiing is fun for everyone. Whether you’re vacationing with your family, your friends, or your coworkers, you’ll all enjoy yourselves while you’re getting a little adrenaline rush. There’s no shortage of excellent places to ski. Mont Sainte Anne boasts some incredible views of Quebec, and it offers over a dozen trails in varying difficulties.

mont-sainte-anne2Everyone will be able to find the right trail, and if you’re staying for a while, you might start to feel comfortable enough to take on some of the big ones.

  1. Eating and Drinking

Every year, Nova Scotia holds the Winter Icewine festival. It’s a foodie’s dream come to life. Boutique winemakers from the area, as well as some of the region’s most esteemed chefs, come together to create magic in the tummies of locals and tourists who come to eat and drink. This is a ten day festival and exhibition with dozens of events.


If you’re more interested in eating and drinking in style, La Bodega Tapas Bar and Grill builds an ice bar every winter. Even the stools are carved from ice. Save the regular table for any other time of the year – how many opportunities will you have to dine on ice?

  1. Pond Hockey

Sports lovers rejoice. In New Brunswick, you’ll be able to attend the World Pond Hockey Championships. Over a hundred teams come out to participate, and you can take part in the fun. It’s the only sport that can’t be played at any other time of year. Pond hockey has deep roots in Canadian culture, and it’s just as enjoyable for any hockey lover from any other part of the world. Sports fans will want to hang around for all four days of festivities, and they should bring a pair of skates.

  1. Ice Climbing

Ice climbing probably isn’t for everyone, but people who are on the hunt for a great adventure won’t be able to pass up the chance. Thrill seekers from far and wide come to Canada to ice climb in the winter. There are designated safe places and instructors for first timers, so everyone who has never climbed before will have the opportunity to learn how to do it the correct way. You can go hiking or mountain climbing anywhere, but you can only scale these ice walls in Canada.


If you’ve ever wanted to walk in a real winter wonderland, bump Canada up to the top of your list for your next winter vacation destination. You’ll get the experience that world famous Canadian hospitality, and you’ll be glad that you did.

Savannah WardleAbout the Author: Savannah is an experienced traveler who loves winter sports and mountains. Whenever not working, she’s at the slopes in the US, Asia or Europe. She’s also interested in photography and film-making.


Disclaimer:  *Contents in this story is Authors personal views and presentation.

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Guest Post || 6 Awesome Hacks to Maximize Your Road Trip by Jonathan

Get a comfortable and spacious car’s gas tank full, holler up your friends and just leave. That’s all you need to do enjoy a perfect DIY road trip which saves you from a crazy mess of plane tickets and visas. So the next time you’re looking for some fun on a road trip, follow these simple six steps and you’ll have an awesome trip, without any doubt: 6 awesome hacks to maximize your road trip

  1. Always Keep A Backup Plan:

Road trips are full of unexpected happenings and events; you cannot quite predict a predetermined way in which the trip might go. You need to have your car in the right condition, always keep a spare tire. Keep an eye out for hotel deals because you might need to spring into a hotel room for a night if you lag up due to traffic jam or simply because you couldn’t drive. Keep your car’s security your top priority. Consider getting a good quality alarm for it.

  1. Be Spontaneous:

Always leave room for spontaneity, unlike train and plane trips you do not have preset schedules and you do not need to stick to conventional ways of travelling. Take this opportunity and step out of your comfort zone, and just go with the flow. Make random stops, if you come across different places that are not very famous. This is something you might never regret in the future, so make the most out of these unplanned moments.

  1. Divide Responsibilities:

As much as the element of spontaneity is essential to keep the trip’s fun intact, planning out certain things like designating each traveler their tasks and their responsibilities leaves no room for mismanagement and everyone plays their roles effectively to ensure the trip remains fun. And this way, the whole burden is not laid upon one person altogether so that they don’t feel all worked up.

6 awesome hacks to maximize your road trip1

  1. Find Entertainment On The Way:

Don’t forget to enjoy the roadside sights. It might seem really childish but spotting the world’s largest dinosaurs or stuff like that can be really enjoyable. Check out if you can find some applications which let you know what sights you could come across when you hit the road. Look out for restaurants that provide ethnic food while on the way, often you’ll find specials of an area. Cherish the culture you across while on road trips, the native dialects of standard languages and much more.

  1. Keep Snacks Stocked!

Make sure you have enough snacks and drinks stocked up in your icebox. Having snacks helps you avoid roadside patrol pump shops with aisles full of candies.  Find a couple of recipes that you can put together easily and stock up for some time. So do not sacrifice your health and wellness goals and routine for a road trip, you can definitely manage to maintain along.

  1. Manage The Expenses:

You have to figure out a way to keep your expenses in track because chances are; you chose a road trip because it saves from soaring airfares. Have one person in the group keep a track of all the spending so it splitting the money doesn’t become a problem later.

Yatripandit’s add-on: There are many apps available these days for managing the expenses for e.g. Splitwise and settleup which can be downloaded from the app stores on your cell phones.

If you love Bollywood music check out Roadtrip Playlist by Yatripandit

Also, we have taken various roadtrips across India which can be viewed by clicking Various Yatripandit Roadtrips

jonathanAbout the Guest Author: Jonathon is an IT expert and a researcher. He is obsessed with cars and all the digital accessories. He regularly posts at





Disclaimer:  *Contents in this story is Authors personal views and presentation.

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As many have said and all who’ve been there know, New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Crystalline lakes reflect the sky like a polished mirror, lush green rainforests shimmer with dew, fur seals cavort on pristine shores and soaring, snow-caped mountains pierce the sky. All these sights can be experienced within short distances of each other on scenic route 6. New Zealand’s South Island is truly an outdoor paradise.

Start at Greymouth on the island’s west side and head south on route 6 for about two hours. You will come to the small towns of Franz Joseph and Fox Glacier, New Zealand equivalents of the wild west. The surrounding area forms part of the Te Wahipounamu World Heritage park hosting glaciers descending from the Southern Alps.

During the day, most travelers hike the many, well-marked trails or go on helicopter rides to get a birds-eye view of the glaciers. Some rides include glacier hiking. I took one of these exhilarating rides over the mountain peaks landing and hiking on a glacier and saw some of the most spectacular views I’ve ever experienced. I felt my heart pound like never before when the helicopter soared off a cliff over a bottom-less precipice. That’ll give you about a month’s worth of cardio workouts.

The other must-do experience in either of these towns is a temperate rain forest hike, geographically the opposite of walking on a glacier. The humidity here is almost 100%. Surrounding vegetation is thick with exotic insects. Giant ferns and other bizarre plant-life loom overhead. Everything is carpeted with a moist moss in every variation of green. It’s like walking in a film set of Jurassic Park.

During the day, this makes for a fascinating hike in alien-like surroundings. But if you go on a midnight forest hike, the glow worms put on a “light show” for you. Bring a flash light, walk deep into the forest on the hiking trail then turn off the light. You will see thousands of lightning bugs twinkling in the total, absolute darkness like stars over a moonless desert sky.

Continue south to the town of Wanaka on the shore of a lake created by a receding glacier. The main street fronts the lake and has funky little cafes and restaurants with pretty lake views where you can idle with a glass of one of New Zealand’s crisp, white wines.

While in Wanaka, or anywhere else in New Zealand, be sure to sample one of the country’s signature dishes, lamb. Once New Zealand had up to 80 million sheep. Since dairy production has become more profitable, however, the sheep population has decreased to about 30 million. But lamb remains a local favorite in its many culinary iterations. One lamb dish I loved in Wanaka was lamb curry at The Spice Room, one of four, count them…FOUR Indian restaurants in town. Another good option for lamb dishes is Public Kitchen and Bar with branches throughout the country.

Stop by the Visitor Information Center on Main Street and book something that will get your heart pumping like a helicopter flight, hand-gliding over the mountains or a 4WD safari tour. We booked with Wanaka River Journeys and were glad we did. We opted for a jet boat ride on the Matukituki River in Mount Aspiring National Park piloted by a funny Maori guide.  The tour included a wilderness walk to see waterfalls, forests and wildlife.

Route 6 in New Zealand is truly a wonderland of exciting and educational activities.


Talek on Egyptian travels pyramids in Giza About the author: In college I determined that whatever I studied would have to lead to the ultimate goal of traveling. I obtained a Masters in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania but felt that alone could not guarantee me a career that would enable me to travel as much as I wanted, so I got an MBA in International Business. My Spanish language background and love of languages also helped me. Over the years I learned Italian, Portuguese and enough French to manage. To know more details about this interesting traveler click HERE

Disclaimer:  *Contents in this story is Authors personal views and presentation.

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Guest Post || 7 Things Not To Miss in Rome by Always Fly Business

There’s no place like Rome. The impressive showcase of ancient history, celebrated monuments, and bustling city vibes are the ingredients for an ideal city break for anyone with an appetite for world culture.

There are relics of old worshiped gods dispersed across the city and cafe bars where both young and old take their espresso exchanging the latest news. Morning traffic is colored up by well-dressed business people on Vespa scooters, and upscale locals stroll the elegant shopping streets looking for the most recent design pieces. Rome is full of stereotypes and of world-famous attractions that visitors want to see with their own eyes, from the Colosseum and the Roman Forum to the Pantheon, and the Vatican; they are all extraordinary sights you can’t miss when you are in Rome because each of them is unique. We suggest however, also to go off-the-path for a little while to uncover alternative things to do beyond the famed churches and museums and archeological ruins. It will show you a different aspect of the city and you experience what Rome is about and what it feels like.

Here our recommended seven things you cannot miss on your next trip to Rome.

  1. The Colosseum & Roman Forum

The Colosseum is the most abiding sight in Rome and still remains in its perfect condition after about 2,000 years. Back then, it was the largest amphitheater, seating up to 80,000 Romans. The design of the magnificent three-tiered structure conveyed the wealth, might, and power of the city of Rome and the Roman Empire. Holding lots of history about the city, The Colosseum is such an important landmark that you simply must visit when in Rome.

There is likely to be long lines to enter the Colosseum, so to save time choose the Palatine Hill entrance at the Roman Forum (at a less than 5 minutes walk). Here you can purchase a combined ticket for the Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill, and the Colosseum, which is valid for two days. The Roman Forum is one of the most prominent archaeological sites on earth, as it was once the epicenter of the massive Roman Empire. Here elections, public speeches, and important events took place.

As there is not that much of information we would recommend investing in an audio guide when visiting the Roman Forum, to help give you some context of the impressive sprawl of ruins in front of you! Also, we advise to visit the (fully intact) Pantheon first, so you get a better feeling of the grandeur this ancient Rome’s center used to be.

Photo by: Bjarki Sigursveinsson / Wikimedia Commons
Licensing: Public Domain

  1. The Pantheon

The Pantheon is an architectural marvel, that looks today – inside and outside – much the way it has been for almost 2,000 years. Imagine that on the marble floors people have been walking for two thousand years and that the building still possesses its original bronze doors! When you are inside (entrance is free) gaze at the domed ceiling and watch the sunlight entering the room.

Photo by: Ian Monroe / Wikimedia Commons
Dual-licensed as GFDL and CC BY-SA 2.0

  1. The Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

The Vatican has a lot to offer to visitors, particularly if you are interested in the history of the Catholic religion. Inside the city walls, there are some fantastic museums with a seriously impressive collection of artwork and it is the home of the Sistine Chapel famous for its breathtaking ceiling painting by Michelangelo.

Laocoon Sculpture in the Vatican Museum, Rome.
Picture by Benutzer / Wikimedia Commons
Licensing: CC BY-SA 3.0

For most travelers, visiting the Vatican is one day out of their city trip to Rome, and that’s what we believe is the right time to spend in Vatican City. In addition to dedicating a day for the Vatican, we also recommend reserving a good guided tour here. This will not only facilitate navigating the labyrinth of the Vatican Museums but will also help you understand the context of what you see as well. Be aware that there is some serious walking involved on this day, so make sure to get out in the morning with your comfy shoes! If you book online for the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel, you will be able to skip most of the lines to make your way inside.

  1. Get lost in the labyrinthine streets of the historic center

Rome’s medieval “Centro Storico” (historic center) is a maze of narrow alleys and cobbled streets filled with churches and palaces dating from the Renaissance and Baroque eras. The only way to explore it is on foot, and the best time of the day to do that is in the evening. Its heart is the bustling Piazza Navona, home to Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers. It is a beautiful place to enjoy an excellent meal and a delicious “Tartufo” (a traditional chocolate ice-cream dessert) at Bar Tre Scalini. The wine bars and cafés around Piazza Navona are definitively chic, trendy and as well excellent spots to watch people. Head over the Trevi Fountain, Italy’s largest and most famous Baroque fountain, an ensemble of mythical figures and wild horses that is dominating the small Trevi Square located in the Quirinale district. Toss a coin in the fountain to ensure a trip back to Rome, as the original legend says. Continue your walk to the square in front of the Pantheon (Piazza della Rotonda) which is a cool hangout spot on a warm summer day.

  1. Explore the Trastevere streets

If you need a break from the city vibes of Rome, go to the relatively peaceful Trastevere neighborhood on the west bank of the Tiber. Trastevere is a little unconventional, has a real Roman appearance, but is at the same time very international. The cobblestone streets are mostly car-free, the restaurants serve up excellent (and cheap) dishes, and there a plenty of good pubs and wine bars for an aperitif. The piazza in front of Basilica of Santa Maria (which is beautiful) is as charming and splendid as you would find in any Tuscan hilltop village. After nightfall, the Trastevere becomes the place to be for young locals and travelers alike, who love its original scene and relaxed atmosphere.

  1. Stroll Rome’s food markets

Rome is a perfect city for a picnic lunch, and its food markets are ideal places for filling up your basket. The oldest market in all of Rome, and undeniably one of the most famous, is the open air market, Campo dei Fiori. Colorful vegetables and fruits, beautiful flower shops, ham and cheese to enjoy at your picnic, as well as clothes, and souvenirs. You can find all kinds of goods in this market. In the heart of Rome’s most multi-ethnic neighborhood, nearby the Termini train station, you find Nuovo Mercato Esquilino. Here you feel the atmosphere of a multicultural hub; usual grocery stands are complemented by exotic produce, perfect for an international meal.

Then there is the Mercato in Testaccio where you will experience a real taste of Rome’s authentic food and soul. Get some olives, fresh mozzarella, and bread before heading out to the gardens of Villa Borghese – the largest public park in Rome – for your picnic.

Cultural lovers should not miss the Borghese Gallery inside the park, featuring some of their most exquisite (and famous) works of Bernini and Caravaggio and offering one of the best collections of art related to sculpture, painting, and architecture (the building itself is one of the attractions.) If you plan a visit to the Gallery, buy your ticket online to avoid the long, long wait to enter.

  1. Go shopping

Rome is well known for its luxurious shopping; the city has many beautiful streets that are home to glamorous designer boutiques and flagship stores, while in others small exclusive stores with an authentic style are hidden. For the best upscale shopping head to the prestigious and famous Via dei Condotti and Via Borgognona near the foot of the Spanish Steps. Wander to the lively Via del Governo Vecchio for trendy boutiques and to beautiful Via Giulia for art and antiques. When it’s time to take a breath, go to Via Vittorio Veneto. Walking down this elegant boulevard – as well renowned for its stylish hotels and lively bars – it will showcase some truly unique and exclusive stores from high fashion to authentic Italian boutiques.

Piazza Venezia with Trajan’s Column, seen from Vittorio Emmanuele II monument
photo by Markus Bernet / Wikimedia Commons
Licensing: CC BY-SA 2.0

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Guest Post || Wah Taj by Sonam

It was the month of Feb and the Climate in Delhi seemed to be pleasant.  Me and my husband were in Delhi to attend a wedding.

Having a day to spare, we boarded the morning Shatabdi express train@ 6am from Delhi’s Nizamuddin Station to the city of Taj, Agra.

The Journey was very comfortable. If you love Road Travel then you must try the Yamuna express was which connects Delhi to Agra and is a road to cruise on. It will take you to Agra in approx. 3 hours. We reached Agra at 7:50am. We had hired Life India Taxi which turned out to be excellent. Our driver Mr. Shyam Sundar was right on time, to pick us up from the railway station without any hassle. Nowadays the Air Quality in Agra has improved evidently the city is declared “an industry free zone.”

TAJ Mahal – A walk to remember

Taj 2

When we reached the ancient monument, my first thought was “I couldn’t believe I’m actually standing right in front of the Taj Mahal.” Majestic, magnificent and mesmerizing Taj was standing tall in pure white marble. It is one of the 7 Wonders of the world & the most iconic monument of love, in true sense. This masterpiece was built by Mughal emperor Shan Jahan in memory of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The tomb is the center piece of a 42-acre complex, which includes a mosque and a guest house, and is set in formal gardens bounded on three sides by a wall.

It’s advised to be there between 9am-11am. There is less crowd and one gets to spend ample time. Ensure to hire a certified guide for TAJ MAHAL as they will get you the detailed history & also take you to lot of Important Points. They will charge you around Rs. 600 but it’s worth hiring a guide. 

Avoid Hiring a Local Photographer as the quality of the photos is not at all good. You can also book your guide online. Avoid visiting on Friday as the monument is closed on Fridays. We also purchased a beautiful replica from ITDC Store just outside the TAj Mahal Ticketing Gate.


Overall it was a memorable trip which I will cherish forever. While return we booked the newly launched Gatiman Express train which took us to Delhi in 1.5 hrs.

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This is her 1st attempt in writing a travel blog. Encouragement via comments is welcomed with wide open arms.


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Guest Post || On a tour to Germany: Düsseldorf – by Melisa

Hearing about Germany, two things normally come across the mind of an average person – beer and sausages. Although Germany is more than that. Of course, its beer and sausages are famous all over the world and every aware person would want to try them at least once in a lifetime. Apart from that, it is a land of poets and philosophers and a country with beautiful architecture.

Düsseldorf. It is the seventh city of Germany by its size. It is chic, fashionable and business. There is plenty of things business elite and people of fashion would find inviting and engaging for themselves. Along with its deep gratitude for art, high cuisine and exceptional stores. The city buzzes with cultural events as long as its citizens live according to the standards of high life. There is a boulevard of shopping, which is called Königsallee. You can find the stores of such worldwide famous fashion brands as Prada and Louis Vuitton. For those ones of you, who are into retro style jewelry, you will be happy to find out about the stores on here to make some based on the pieces of artists from 19th and 20th century. Some are so unique being manufactured in here and Munich only so the guests of the city might find something really distinguished from every other.  Dusseldorf1

If to speak about its architecture, it does have its moments. The old city should be mentioned here. You will find a huge variety of restaurants and pubs, markets and museums, decorated in classic for Germany style buildings. There is also the biggest in Germany Japanese community with places to eat traditional food accordingly. Düsseldorf`s biggest church is called St. Lambertus Basilica. You will easily recognize it by its twisted spire. It is its famous feature. Also, there is tower on its central square Burgplatz. This tower is everything what has left after the fire in 1872. Originally, there was a palace built in baroque style. Among the places of interest, are also the Neander church and St. Andrew`s church. This is one more church, which is worth seeing once you visit Düsseldorf.Dusseldorf travel guide

Going back to the theme of beer, “Atlbier” (alt is German for old) is traditional for Düsseldorf. It is dark and hoppy. Back in the 20th century, there were nearly 100 breweries making Altbier while today – less than ten unfortunately. Altbier is considered to be an ale and even though it is hoppy, the taste of fruit is felt less than in other light ales.

The night-life of the city is really something. As has already been mentioned, the largest amount of beer houses are located in the area of the old city but its beer is not the only “treat” you may get visiting Düsseldorf. I am talking about herb-infused liquor, which is called Killepitsch. There are more than 90 kinds of fruit, herbs and spices. Quite often, it is compared to Jagermeister but it is stronger.

The trip is nothing without a souvenir for your family and friends apart from taken pictures and re-corded videos. If to talk about something traditional, a typical for Düsseldorf souvenir, draw your attention kindly to store of spices. It is a business run by a family. You will find hundreds of jars in there full of spices. Those jars are ceramic and decorated by hand. Its mustard is well known.

for author bioAbout the author: Melisa Marzett is the author who has an outstanding blog available for your viewing HERE, where you may find interesting posts on traveling and look through the tips for those ones of you, who are eager to travel and has traveling in plans some time soon. The information is given clearly and wisely so there is no way you could get lost but will be well-versed in the area of traveling.

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Guest post || Down the Biryani Lane- by Abhisek…

Biryani – A god’s gift to foodies, there are hardly any food lover who doesn’t crave for Biryani. Biryani is an urdu word derived from Persian language. It originates from a Persian word from Birinji which means Rice. As per my knowledge, this dish was initially prepared for Mughal army because it’s a complete meal and then it paved its way to into the Mughal shahi kitchen.

There are various types of Biryani available in India like – Delhi Biryani, Sindhi Biryani, world famous Hyderabadi Biryani, Kolkata Biryani, Chettinad Biryani and so on…

Being a bong I like it Kolkata style, it’s actually evolved from Lucknow Gharana during Mughal era. When Awadh’s last Nawab Wajid Ali Shah was exiled in 1856 to Kolkata suburb of Metiabruz, Shah brought his personal chef with him. The poorer dwellers of Calcutta (now Kolkata), who could not afford meat used potatoes & eggs instead, which went on to become a specialty of the “Calcutta biryani.” Since then potato & egg became an inseparable part of Calcutta Biryani.

Specialty of Kolkata Biryani is its less spicy & high on aroma which will stay more than an hour even after washing your hand. biryani

Preparation is very easy. First half cook the meat & rice separately and then arrange them in a heavy bottom pot layer by layer. Add masala (keora jal, attar, Jafran milk) and seal the pot and let them cook slowly over a period of time.

There are plenty of Biryani houses in every corner of Kolkata, but there are some names who serve unforgettable taste and carrying on the legacy of Biryani. Below are few names you shouldn’t miss when in Kolkata…

  1. Arsalan at Park Circus. This place is always crowded. Their specialty is Mutton Biryani & reshmi kabab.arsalan
  2. Aminia at Esplanade. They are famous for their mutton rejala & firni apart from very low spicy biryanish

About the Author:

IMG_2944Abhisek is a dear friend and a fabulous co-worker. He is a hard core Non-veg lover and travel enthusiast. He always encourages He is an engineer by profession during the day and a dreamer during the night, who wants to break this vicious circle of corporate and start his own business.



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