Yatripandit’s Guide to write a good travelogue

Whenever I decide to visit any new destination I usually surf the web for some stories about the place from fellow bloggers. It definitely helps me to plan better, economical and freeze my itinerary quickly. I usually look for some specific info in any travel blog and I am sure every one of you does the same. I thought to pen down a few must have stuff in any travel tale.

  • How to reach? As we say, “its not always about the destination, it is about the Journey as well.” Write a small plot about how you decided to travel to the destination and the drama behind it.
  • What to see? – This is what we travel for, isn’t it? Include a brief of what are the must visit sights including mountains, beaches, waterfalls, highlands, forests, etc
  • During the day – What places are a must visit during the day in a city. You may include museums, art galleries, monuments, cafes and anything that you feel must be visited during the day.
  • Night life – Some travelers are night crawlers and would definitely be interested in knowing about the post dusk life. This includes party places, discos, pubs and some scoring opportunities (I hope you could connect)

Best time in the year to visit the places – Which are the months in the year when the place is a treat to watch? For eg. If you are planning Kaas Plateau (India) – Maharashtra’s Valley of flowers, the best time is Sept, Oct and Nov as the flowers bloom during that time.

  • Where to stay? – I personally prefer to find budget hotels / home-stays. Its better if you share the contact info of the manager/ owner of the place you stayed in. Recently we stayed in Hareli resort (Barnawapara National park- India). Here are a few images. Stay tuned for Story :). Also we love to camp and offer a package for the same. Click to know more and delight us by booking a camping night out.Camping by the lake side @ Pawana Lake
  • What to eat? – Usually travelers love to eat the local delicacies. A description with pictures of the dishes you relished is always helpful. Do not miss mentioning the name and location of the café/ restaurant you enjoyed licking your fingers in.

For more info read Foodielogs

  • Volunteering Opportunities – Some of my traveler friends are always in search of some volunteering opportunity to earn some extra bucks on the go. Volunteering can including anything and everything. For instance – Performing a music gig, teaching at a local school, helping an NGO, working at a café, doing a photo shoot, etc.
  • “Beware of” info – Describe if you encountered some scams and frauds during your visit. For example:- Theft, fraud guides, local cabbies, unauthorized agents, etc.
  • Local and domestic travel options – It’s always a good idea to describe the means of commuting you used while exploring the city. Information on intercity (domestic) travel means i.e. flights, trains or buses is of great help. Some Info about local bus, cabs and metros is always useful.
  • Accurate cost of living information – There is a huge difference in cost of living across the globe. A person from west find east cheaper. The mountains usually have higher cost of living. Cost of living is one of the most vital information one seeks while planning a trip.
  • Souvenirs and local markets – This always allures travelers (Especially girls). Mention about special souvenirs and local market places to bring back some memories home. For example: if you are visiting China buy some Chinese tea (read our story Falling in Love with Chinese Tea – Nanjing, China ), dolls, umbrellas or electronics. If you are in Kashmir buying Pashmina Shawl is a must. Fridge magnets or Postcards are always great memories.
  • Duration and cost – Do not miss mentioning the duration of your tour. Cost estimation of whatever possible is always appreciated and helps to plan better.
  • Pictures – All of us click amazing pictures while on the journey; try to include relevant pictures of all what is mentioned above. Great clicks are always a cherry on top.

Lastly my favorite –

  • An unexplored Place – I try to find at least 1 unexplored place during all my trips. Asking the locals is always beneficial. Take a detour if required, give info about the place you explored and spread awareness. We found an unexplored hill near Pune (India), Read more on Unexplored Hill

Note: If you have a comprehensive website with this type of information, fellow travelers (yatris) would visit often. Local businesses would see the value in advertising and you might earn commissions for hotels, restaurants or sales.

PS: It is not at all mandatory to give all the info mentioned above but putting your heart while you write will surely make your story connect with the readers.

Hope this article helps my fellow yatris to write better travelogue.

If you wish to write a travelogue, we would be glad to publish it on yatripandit.com featuring you as a “guest author” in our Guest Post Tab.

You may email your stories to info@yatripandit.com or send a DM on our FB page http://www.facebook.com/yatripandit

Cheers !!

Abhimanyu Yatripandit 

Photos by : Utkarsh Yatripandit and a few images selected from our “best travel photo contest.” Check out all winners here Yatripandit’s Best Travel Photos 2016

Instagram : @ut_yatripandit


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