Our second day in Hong Kong couldn’t have been better. It started off with shock, when we realized we’d somehow managed to sleep in until 1pm, but I haven’t been able to sleep in weeks due to excitement so the rest was well needed. All day today we’ve been full of energy and have recovered […]

Breathtaking landscapes, challenging heights, vibrant scenery – the world’s best camping sites offer something to everyone.

Take a trip to Bhutan and who knows , the happiness of this country might pass onto your life.

Yatrpandit Lakshmi Vilas Palace

Rajasthan has always been the answer to the royal and colourful living. It is not just the most visited tourist destination in the world but also the liveliest one. Udaipur is referred to as the ” Venice of the East,” the ” Most Romantic City of India” and the ” Kashmir of Rajasthan”

When in China, you can say: “Wo chi sù” which means “I eat vegetarian”