Guest Post || Top 5 Reasons to visit Canada for Your Winter Vacation by Savannah

In the winter, most people are looking to visit warmer destinations and escape the snow. These people are missing out on opportunities to make the most of the weather, and do the things they can only do one season of the year. Canada gets some really cold winters, and the locals have found a lot of ways to embrace and celebrate that weather. Instead of heading for an island, set out for a snowy adventure.


  1. The Carnival

If you’re traveling with your family, the Quebec Winter Carnival is a must-do. It runs in January and February, and it’s all about traditions. Toboggan races are a major draw, though most families come just to see the ice palace. The kids will have a ton of fun, but there’s also plenty of things for the adults to do. The festival’s signature cocktail, the Caribou, is a concoction of whiskey, red wine, and maple syrup. There’s never been a more Canadian drink.

  1. The Skiing Opportunities

Skiing is fun for everyone. Whether you’re vacationing with your family, your friends, or your coworkers, you’ll all enjoy yourselves while you’re getting a little adrenaline rush. There’s no shortage of excellent places to ski. Mont Sainte Anne boasts some incredible views of Quebec, and it offers over a dozen trails in varying difficulties.

mont-sainte-anne2Everyone will be able to find the right trail, and if you’re staying for a while, you might start to feel comfortable enough to take on some of the big ones.

  1. Eating and Drinking

Every year, Nova Scotia holds the Winter Icewine festival. It’s a foodie’s dream come to life. Boutique winemakers from the area, as well as some of the region’s most esteemed chefs, come together to create magic in the tummies of locals and tourists who come to eat and drink. This is a ten day festival and exhibition with dozens of events.


If you’re more interested in eating and drinking in style, La Bodega Tapas Bar and Grill builds an ice bar every winter. Even the stools are carved from ice. Save the regular table for any other time of the year – how many opportunities will you have to dine on ice?

  1. Pond Hockey

Sports lovers rejoice. In New Brunswick, you’ll be able to attend the World Pond Hockey Championships. Over a hundred teams come out to participate, and you can take part in the fun. It’s the only sport that can’t be played at any other time of year. Pond hockey has deep roots in Canadian culture, and it’s just as enjoyable for any hockey lover from any other part of the world. Sports fans will want to hang around for all four days of festivities, and they should bring a pair of skates.

  1. Ice Climbing

Ice climbing probably isn’t for everyone, but people who are on the hunt for a great adventure won’t be able to pass up the chance. Thrill seekers from far and wide come to Canada to ice climb in the winter. There are designated safe places and instructors for first timers, so everyone who has never climbed before will have the opportunity to learn how to do it the correct way. You can go hiking or mountain climbing anywhere, but you can only scale these ice walls in Canada.


If you’ve ever wanted to walk in a real winter wonderland, bump Canada up to the top of your list for your next winter vacation destination. You’ll get the experience that world famous Canadian hospitality, and you’ll be glad that you did.

Savannah WardleAbout the Author: Savannah is an experienced traveler who loves winter sports and mountains. Whenever not working, she’s at the slopes in the US, Asia or Europe. She’s also interested in photography and film-making.


Disclaimer:  *Contents in this story is Authors personal views and presentation.

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