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Here I am going to discuss a story of one my best colleague. Before getting pregnant she had arranged and paid for a trip for the year 2013.


When she confirmed the pregnancy, the trip was about to occur, and she was 16 weeks pregnant. She went to her dear doctor, Dr. Izilda Pupo, and everything was fine with her and her baby, and then she went to India in February of that year. She had gone there for 9 years and knew that the trip was long, both the flight and the duration: 21 days.

But it was a trip of great importance to her: of study, spiritually and leisure: her vacations. So she listened well to the details of my doctor and friend, but of course, as on every trip, she had surprises: some good and some not so good!

I would like to give some tips to all pregnant women, since travel agents and airlines are not always ready to receive (pregnant), nor are their babies, who are still being generated and need special care, since the (with vaccines and perhaps useful medicines), such as during flights, roads, and even the places to be visited. Another thing she did and it was very good, were yoga classes. It helps her stretch after so much traveling, as well as keep mind focused on gestation, and have been great lessons! And many stretches during plane travel!

Well, the trip she made to India was full of domestic flights, train and bus, and always long journeys.

So, the first tips are as follows:

Before Travelling:

  • Let your doctor know in advance about the trip so he / she can alert you to basic care
  • Make sure the country you will require requires a special vaccine. To enter India, we must have the vaccine against yellow fever, but pregnant women cannot take this vaccine, so in this case we have to go to Anvisa with the obstetrician’s certificate stating that she is pregnant and, we get a vaccine release; There are also clinics that are licensed by Anvisa to issue this authorization
  • Talk to your doctor about what medicines you may need (nausea, flu, diarrhea, headache, bad digestion, colic) and take during pregnancy – take a prescription with all medicines and buy it at Brazil (carry the suitcase)
  • Take out health insurance to have during the trip (mainly to the outside).

During the trip:

  • On long flights or even internal trips lasting longer than 2 or 3 hours, walk and stretch, especially on the legs, feet, so as not to swell;
  • Check with your doctor if you need to wear compression stockings while traveling. Try before the trip, so that it is useful and comfortable;
  • Do not try new foods that you do not know about the reaction of your body;
  • Drink plenty of water and liquids; but try to know the source (gas water seems safe);
  • In case of places with mosquitoes, take repellent authorized by his / her doctor; without addition of DDT;
  • Try to take breaks during the trip, even if the group has a rhythm of its own, respect yours at the moment.

On the plane: 

Please inquire before shipping. Ask for a seat in the front of the plane, preferably in the aisle, so that you can get up more easily (to stretch and go to the bathroom). Do not pinch your pee because it stimulates urinary tract infections and / or constipation.

On the train:

If traveling at night, try to accommodate yourself in bed wagons, to keep your legs elongated.

In the car / bus:

Carry pillows or cushions to keep neck support in case travel is long and place the seat back to stretch your legs as much as you can.


Also check the menu before you can order a nutritious meal for the pregnant woman.

Safety during travel: 

Wear your seatbelt always below your belly (on airplanes, trains, buses); in cars, are usually 3 points, ideal for pregnant women.

Rest – Jet Lag: 

Respect your body and adjust the spindle of your country on the back, allow yourself to rest for 1 to 2 days before returning to routine.

Tips on the vaccine calendar for travelers and also for pregnant women: 

Look for clinics that are authorized to issue the International Certificate of Vaccination.

Author Bio: 

Kazim Raza is a Digital Marketer and Search Engine Analyst. I love socializing and playing soccer. One of my target is to guide people how to earn a living via online marketing. There is a proper method to do this, and once you learn what that is, you become unstoppable.

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Disclaimer:  *Contents in this story is Authors personal views and presentation.

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