Guest Post || Indore – Beyond Sev and Poha by Dr. Geetika

About the Guest Author: Hey this is Geetika, a doctor my profession, a voracious reader and a foodie by choice. I have been a regular at http://www.yatripandit to plan my trips and gain knowledge about various parts of the world.

Today we’ll have a spin around one of my favorite cities to live in, Indore.

How to reach?

Many of us millennials who prefer flights to save time and energy, this would not dig a big hole in your pocket, as flights to Indore are usually low priced. I usually travel a lot from Raipur to Indore and flight cost me usually below INR 3000.

  • There are less direct trains to Indore but one can take a Volvo or taxi from Bhopal for approx. Rs. 300. There is seamless bus connectivity from major cities as Delhi, Jaipur, Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore.

So now that you have reached let’s find a place to stay. If you are a rich brat you can always go to Hotels like Radissson-blue, Sayaji, TBG or Crescent resorts but you can always stay at bazillion of good budget hotels. I would suggest a hotel in or near around Vijay Nagar as it is a posh area and there are a lot of eatout and shopping malls in this area.

A good decent hotel would cost you around 800₹ per day. Now, throw your bags in ya room and get ready. First we gotta have some breakfast.

If you came to Indore and went without having Chappan ka poha and Jalebi toh kya indore aye aap janab!! Also, a lot of other breakfast options, you can also go to JMB (one near bypass) a lot of Indoris like the breakfast. IMG-20170719-WA0017

Most of the people who visit Indore always go to Ujjain on their way to Indore or while returning back.

  • Ujjain has this old and famous temple of Mahakal (Lord Shiva) and it is said that one who visit is never haunted by untimely death so pals make sure u go there it’s about an hour from Indore u can go by bus (luxury/local) or taxi.

    Ujjain Temple
  • There is one more temple in Indore Khajrana Ganesh you can also pay a visit there

City Walk:

Let’s start with the old palace of city Rajwada, it was built by Holkar Rulers around two centuries ago. You will get a little touch of history with shopping. There is a huge street market around the palace. This market is somewhat like Sarojini of Delhi. So don’t forget to bargain and do not expect high quality. This place looks stunning during  Rangpanchmi festival. it’s a festival 5days after Holi and it’s awesome in Rajwada. There are also other historical places including Lalbagh palace. There is also a zoo and museum in Indore if that interests you.

One place I would suggest is Mandu, ancient fort city around 90km from Indore It’s surrounded by stone walls dotted with darwazas (gateways). It’s also known for its Afghan architectural heritage and of course the romantic love affair between Sultan Baz Bahadur and a Hindu singer Roopmati. This is mentioned in MP tourism advertisements as, “Mandu ka mahal dekhne aaye, Jahaz dekha chakkar khaye.”

Now, drifting from history to nature there are plenty of waterfalls around Indore. Most popular among visitors are :-

  • Patalpani Waterfall: I think it’s around 300 feet high. This is a popular picnic and trekking spot also according to local myths the depth of the waters reaches down to ‘pataal.’
  • Tincha falls it is also around 300 feet high water play is recently prohibited here but there is a pond nearby for it.

    Tincha Falls

Also, I would suggest a not so famous spot called Hatyari Khoh which is also known as the” killer gorge” but don’t be deceived by its name this place is beauty in its true meaning. This name is in my knowledge because of the punishment ground use of this place by kings. Now to spend evenings, I would go to regional park, it has small bridges and a colour fountain and serene boating.

So I think now you have got hungry by so much sightseeing. Let’s talk about food, Indore is a true Jannat for foodies like me.

  • For non-vegetarians I would definitely say go to nafees at least once
  • There is night place sarafa (#nightlife) which is open till 4am I guess and there is array of food stalls and sweets must go there
  • Chappan is good for evening also, it has many little places of different cuisines and it’s quite cheap
  • If u want go for something special, I would say the grand Bhagwati it’s dine in is quite pocket friendly but buffet is super expensive (this place makes you feel royalty)

    That’s me posing in front of Grand Bhagwati Palace

For nightlife apart from Sarafa there are plenty of pubs the most fab one (according to me) is Fbar, here you go at night and come out next morning

Also there is sports bar, TDS and many more options.

Shopping apart from Rajwada would be malls definetly, Treasure Island mall has all the good brands available. Also explore Anand bazaar area, and apollo tower, here you get very low priced footwears, trendy clothes and makeup.

This is my first attempt to write a travelogue. Hope you like it. Your comments shall be welcomed with “wide open arms.”

A plate of Indori poha a day, keeps your sorrows away.

Thanks !!

Dr. Geetika

Disclaimer:  *Contents in this story is Authors personal views and presentation. Some images are downloaded from Google images.

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