Pandemic – A Counter Perspective!

Yes, its been more than 6 months since the world is fighting against a virus called Corona Virus. Some say it’s a man-made virus for the quest of becoming world power while some say it’s a natural virus found in bats. Well; whatever is the origin of this virus, it for sure is lethal. Claimed 2 million human lives till today when we are fortunately alive to write this piece. Date – 4th Nov 2020.

Virus out-break has changed the way humans have been living on earth for years together.

While our prayers remain with the lost lives and patients, two doctors and an engineer have come together to compile a counter perspective about this Pandemic.

  1. Mother earth is rejuvenating – Nature for sure, has got some time out of the increasing human activities which was hampering its original self.
  • Reduced air travel has decreased carbon footprint
  • Many countries had to impose lockdown to control spread of virus this also led to reduced air and sound pollution caused by the vehicles
  • Consumption of fossil fuels reduced to great extend
  • Wild animals were seen on roads and human residential areas in many places across the world. Seemed as if animals wanted to promote co-existence with humans
  • Urban birds were heard chirping after ages may be..
  •  Work-life Balance – Corporate houses including IT and Non-IT promoted “work from home” or “remote working” option – This option would not have been possible about a decade back because of slow internet speeds but in 2020 it was not the same as before
  • No pain of travelling long distance to reach office and back home. Reduced pollution and time saving
  • Increased productivity because of less distractions and un-necessary breaks
  • Increased family time – Remote working has provided increased time spend with family
  • Hometown could also be your “permanent address” – The small towners which was living away from their families to pursue their career in a metropolitan, got a chance to go back and work remotely from their pretty hometowns. All they need is an internet connection, home office set-up & zeal to perform well.
  • Migration back to small towns help the metros to get some breathing space, made parents happy to see their children live with them and families started look like the one show in “dekh bhai dekh” TV serial again.
  • This could also be the 1st step towards Mr. Modi’s dream of                 de-centralization of economy.
  • Reduction in expenses – I am sure all of you must have felt a decline in expenses during this pandemic era.
  • No un-necessary travel
  • No BIG FAT INDIAN Weddings
  • No going to malls and ends up buying stuff which would remain in your closet for years to come
  • No pocket burning dinners every weekend
  • Money saved is money earned, many like me have started investing money wisely for a balanced future
  • Health is Wealth – All of us have learnt this in school but a handful of us practice. Work schedules and commitments could be blamed easily.
  • Yoga se hogaMany of us started to learn yoga via online classes

I learn it from Dr. Richa, who could be reached on +91-9769792022 via whatsapp or call.

  • Old is gold – Ancient Indian medicine, Ayurveda re-entered our lives with a bang. Started with Kadha, chavanprasha, amla, giloy, steam and so on.
  • Revisit hobbies – The ones which were mentioned in our CVs and never practiced because of frantic work schedules got inducted in our lives again. Reading, painting, crafts, writing to name a few.
  • Working together could be fun – All members including males participated in cooking and other households like washing cloths and doing utensils.
  • Hygiene – Washing hands using soap for 20 secs or taking a bath right after you enter home from outside. Such practices took important places in our daily lives.

While we continue to fight against the spread of Covid-19 across the globe. We hope to have shown you some positives in the ocean full of negatives by our “Counter Perspective” on the pandemic.

Moving ahead we must continue with the good practices learnt during pandemic & we are sure the world will become a pretty place to thrive again.

Stay home, stay safe and stay positive

Love from

Dr. Nidhi

Dr. Kriti

& Abhimanyu@ yatripandit      


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