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With more than 16,500km of pristine coastline, 18,813km of waterways and 4,800 lakes, it is safe to say that there is a lot to be discovered in New Zealand by kayaking in the country! From the quiet, inland waterways that border the Waikato and Bay of Islands, to the spectacular scenery found in the south islands, New Zealand offers many opportunities for kayaking and is well known for its excellent, crystal clear water quality.

The largest river in New Zealand, the Otago, flows through the central North Island. The Te Puna River flows through South Island, from Christchurch in the South Island and the Bay of Islands to Rotorua in the North Island. Both these rivers are very popular and provide numerous opportunities for kayaking.

Kayaking in New Zealand has gained popularity over the years with many new and experienced kayakers looking to explore the country in a unique way. There are many other river systems in the country, as well as the ever popular Marlborough Sounds and the many lakes in between. The lakes in between, however, are much harder to access, but the water can still be extremely clear, and can be accessed via a series of bridges and small tributaries. All of this makes kayaking in New Zealand one of the best ways to explore the country on a budget.

Infaltable Kayaks

Kayaking in New Zealand is naturally more popular away from the cities, however if you do live in the city centres an ideal solution is to buy an inflatable kayak, so you can easily pack it up into a car or on the bus and blow it up wherever you decide to go. For many kayakers, the countryside of New Zealand is too much of an expensive commitment and is just not worth it! Kayaking in New Zealand offers a unique experience with many opportunities to enjoy the sights and sounds of rural life, as well as being a great way to get a real feel for the country.

South or North Island?

Many people choose to kayak in the South Island for an adventure with an even more off-the-beaten-track feeling, because it provides excellent opportunities for river kayaking, as well as – rafting and fishing. Other activities including bungee jumping, snorkelling, paragliding and mountain biking. While kayaking in New Zealand isn’t the only way to enjoy the adventure, it certainly is an option that is highly recommended. Kayakers often spend their days exploring the rivers and waterways, where they can see many species of fish and bird life, and maybe even find themselves meeting up with some of the local Maori!

In the north islands, kayaking also offers many opportunities for adventure. The Hauraki region is known for kayaking activities, as it provides a great example of nature in its natural state. The Hauraki Gulf is home to a series of underwater caves that allow you to dive into the underwater world, where you can see many sea creatures. Many people go whale watching on this area, which can be an amazing experience.

Adventure Rafting

Kayaking in New Zealand also offers many opportunities for river rafting. The Wairakei River runs through the south island from Christchurch to the Marlborough Sounds, offering a great opportunity for adventure rafting. If you don’t have time to get in the river, then you can take the ferry to the Whakarewarewa, where there are plenty of great shops to buy food, supplies and equipment. No matter what your adventure, kayaking in New Zealand is something everyone should try at least once in their lifetime! With the beautiful scenery that are so abundant here, and the variety of water activities, whether you choose to walk on the beaches, ride the water or go kayaking, you will get a great experience that is sure to make you happy! Whether you are just looking for some fresh air, or just want to spend some time in nature, there is no better place to spend your day than on the water!

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