Guest Post || 4 Top Cities to visit in Portugal by Hasan Johar

In Portugal you can find most picturesque cities, with a wide cultural heritage and a long historical tradition. If you want to know the exact location of the different districts and cities of Portugal, I recommend you to read the whole article where you will find the 4 most recommended towns for tourists ordered in alphabetical order. Which cities are the most beautiful in Portugal?

  1. Algarve

The Algarve, name that comes from the Arabic al-Garb, is the region that is to the south of Portugal, in the district of Faro.

1. Algarve

With an area of ​​4960 km² and almost 500,000 inhabitants, it is the most touristic region in Portugal, especially for the quality and beauty of its beaches, but also for the tourist opportunities found there:

  • Beach tourism
  • Mountain tourism
  • City tourism

Highlights, on the one hand, the Sierra de Monchique, where the Pico da Fóiaand the Ria-Fromosa are located, in which a large natural reserve of 170 km² is located and which is the habitat of hundreds of species of birds.

  1. Almada

The city of Almada belongs to the district of Setubal, in the region of Lisbon. It is the sixth city with the largest number of inhabitants of Portugal and one of the most visited in the country. Undoubtedly, in this city there is much to see, but above all, two extraordinary monuments stand out: on one side, the statue of Christ Rei and on the other side 25th of April Bridge or Puente Salazar.

2. Almada

The National Monument of Cristo Rei and Cruz Alta is, in reality, a copy of the Christ Redeemer located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that measures about 100 m in height. It is a statue in which Jesus Christ can be seen with his arms crossed, so that he alludes to the four cardinal points.

  1. Lisbon

Lisbon is not only known as a capital of Portugal but at the same time it is the largest and richest city in the country, and one of the great cultural centers of Europe. It is also the eighth city in the world most requested for the realization of international events and congresses, having passed through it events such as the Expo ’98, the Euro 2004, the MTV Europe Music Awards, the Dakar Rally, etc.


In addition, if you visit in summer, the tourist can enjoy the popular festivals that take place in Lisbon neighborhoods such as Madragoa, Castelo, Mouraria and Alfama, among others.

During these festivities, the streets are decorated with flower arches and the neighbors put street stalls selling sangria, wine, grilled sardines and other typical foods of the city. The festive period culminates in the night of San Antonio, the eve of June 13, when several parades and choreographies of traditional groups take place on Avenida da Liberdade.

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  1. Marvão

Marvão is a small Portuguese town of just 600 inhabitants and belongs to the district of Portalegre, in the Alentejo region. It limits the north and the east with Spain and the northwest with Castelo de Vide.

4. Marvao

It is divided into four parishes: Beirã, São Salvador da Aramenha, Santo António das Areias and Santa Maria de Marvão. In addition, it is a candidate to become a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2000.

Marvão is a fortified town that sits on top of a hill. Altogether, it forms a hamlet of white walls and orange roofs that forms a panoramic of the most picturesque. Since in Roman times it was a strategic military point, it is located on the highest hill to get the best views of the environment and the mountains that surround it.

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