Chai Sutra#1 @ Chai Point

Place- Chai point

Location- Inorbit mall, Hyderabad

Tea breaks have been our companions during all our road trips. These are the breaks when you stretch your self, calm down and plan to execute the next stretch of the roadtrip. 🙂

A winter morning without a hot kadak chai (tea) is not a happy morning , all chai lovers can easily connect with the feelings. In India Chai is relevent for so many situations like 

sar dard ho raha hai?(you have a headache)

 Mehmaan aa rahe hain ?(Guests coming over)

 Thakkan ho rahi hai ??(Feeling tired) and so on….

so after a long hours of movie and shopping in mall we decided to have some tea or coffee and being a chai lover we went to this place called chai point, ordered a masala tea and a ginger tea and it turn out to be satisfying and refreshing.

Total bill INR 250 approx. for two

To get some more delight we also ordered a chocolate muffin.

As they say, “tea doesn’t ask silly questions, it understands.”

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